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Time Slips PastDuck Hunter in a Salt MarshWatercolor15''x 20''Award Winner-East Carolina Wildlife Expo. Best in WatercolorSold -Duck Hunting Duck Hunting, decoys and a little fishing, Sporting Art runs the gamut for depicting outdoor adventures. - Sporting Art
Time Slips Past
Duck Hunter in a Salt Marsh
15''x 20''
Award Winner-East Carolina Wildlife Expo. Best in Watercolor
Duck Hunter
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Seldom do I paint watercolors, infact this was a priliminary study for a much larger oil painting. But when it was completed it just seemed right to leave this idea in this state and not proceed further. My Grand father John B. Farrington is the duck hunter in "Time Slips Past", he is also the man who first took me hunting and fishing. He taught me how to wind the decoys and to shoot through the duck not at it.

In this painting a snow storm is lifting off to sea and the hunter is watching three Black ducks, wings cupped, sail towards open water. The hunter has already got his "bird" and is watching out of pure enjoyment.

There is something about a salt marsh that time seems to stand still. And then one day you realize that time hasn't stood still at all.

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