Matthew M. Schulz

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Matt painting plein air on Roxbury Gap Vermont, May 17 2004 -Cape Cod paintings, Nantucket Sound The  biography of artist Matthew M. Schulz, including his education, awards and articles written about the artist. - Matthew M. Schulz
Matt painting plein air on Roxbury Gap Vermont, May 17 2004

About my grandfather, John B. Farrington 1925-2008

"My Grandfather has always had a huge impact on my life. From the time I was a little kid, when I would long to be old enough to go to Maine with him. And today when I drag him to come with me places and do things that he "doesn't have the ambition for" which translates to 'I'll go, if you drive.'

So it should be of no surprise that I use him as subject matter in my painting's. I use him because he has a certain gritty appeal that all great characters have.

It's the weathered skin, the crisscrossed patterns on his neck and the old beat up hands that have history and that is what he gives to a painting, history.

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